Creating Nature Discovery outdoor learning spaces for school campuses is one of my favorite things to do.  Engaging the children and faculty in the design process provides a learning experience for all - resulting in a sense of pride and ownership once installed.


The majority of our schools are lacking in outdoor space conducive to discovering the wonders of the natural world. The first step is securing funding for the design and implementation, generally through grants or fundraising. My experience in grant-writing, public-school system administrative buy-in, curriculum-based design and implementation oversight with Nature Discovery spaces can help transform not only your school campus but your students as well.


Nature Discovery outdoor learning spaces are designed for all age groups.  Curriculum-based designs are customized to the school site and age group, Pre-K through 12th grade.

Fee Structure

For school campuses within a 30-mile driving radius of Washington DC, an initial site visit consultation is offered free of charge. Grant writing, design, and implementation services will be billed at hourly rates and estimated in a written proposal with a not-to-exceed scope of time and work.  Contact me to discuss pricing options.



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