Only recently have I grown curious about the moon phases of the approximate 29.5 day lunar cycle.  The full Moon, on the other hand, has intrigued me for as long as memory serves.  I’ve been known to go to extremes to witness a rising full Moon or to sneak a full Moon bath at midnight.  I’m not alone - humans have worshiped and celebrated the full Moon or cursed and held suspect its influence since the dawn of our existence.

Ancient myths, mystic beliefs and modern science offer various explanations as to earthly effects of the lunar cycle, particularly, that of the full Moon. Oceanic tides and marine-life reproduction, wildlife predatory and migratory patterns as well as human biorhythms and behavior are a few.  Everyone seems to be in agreement that the moon sets the pace of lightness and darkness for the earth’s night sky and, in partnership with the Sun, exerts gravitational pull that effects life on earth in some way, shape or form.

But what of the other seven phases?  Yesterday, at 17:38 Universal Coordinated Time, our view of the moon slipped into darkness between the Earth and Sun, signaling another recurring lunar cycle.  The New Moon as we call her during this phase is invisible to the naked eye as she is not reflecting the sun’s fiery light onto our world.  But make no mistake, she is there.  Her influence continues in full force.  This period of her darkness is representative of renewal, rebirth and regeneration.

Have you ever been so fortunate to witness a brilliantly starry night sky, far from city lights during a new Moon? If so, perhaps you were unaware that it was a new Moon, but nonetheless, had an awe-inspiring encounter with so many stars visible that you felt absolutely cloaked in them.  Maybe you also noticed your heart bursting with bits of joy, joy and more joy.  Renewal.

For me, it’s akin to micro star bursts falling from the sky, showering the earth with new seedlings that bed down in the soil.  Once there, they incubate in darkness for a short while, preparing to push through the surface, up up up towards the light.  Rebirth.

That is a New Moon phase.  A time of preparation.  A time to plant new seeds, new ideas, new intentions and new hope.  Regeneration.

This is the third new moon occurring during the 2020 pandemic conditions in the United States.  With these challenging times of late, from mandatory stay-at-home survival to the recent chatter of “reopening to a new world,”... “a new normal”…. I am keenly attuned to this month’s new Moon.  I yearn for the opportunity to co-create with her.  How about you? Are you ready to step out of surviving and plant the seeds of star dust and dreams for thriving?  If so, I offer a bit of guidance, inspired by the tick-tock of the lunar clock.

For a day or two, remain wrapped in the cloak of star studded darkness, letting your seeds germinate and setting your intentions for their time in the light.

Then keeping in rhythm with the moon, as she waxes to crescent then to gibbous reflection,  become those seeds sprouting towards the light.

Begin to unveil the newness, peeling back the cloak, little by little, step by step, day by day until the whole of you is revealed in full illumination.  Shine without restriction in the celestial light of the next full moon.  Release any attachment to outcome and be open to receive whatever the harvest brings.

Then as the moon begins to wane gibbous, practice gratitude and sharing of your abundance with enthusiasm.  As she moves into waning crescent, synchronize with her rhythm of surrendering and resting.

Relax in the knowing that the next New Moon is near.

You’ve come full circle.

Time to begin again.

Wishing you wellness on this 23rd day of May, 2020




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